Wednesday, November 11

Unusual Gift Ideas

One problem with gift giving is that you can often feel like you have run out of good gift ideas after a couple of years. This can be really problematic when you are trying to find just the right gift that shows how much you care, but can only think of the same old, same old gift ideas. We understand this frustration and also recognize that most people do not want to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to find just the right gift. For this reason, we have provided a number of gift ideas to help you find just the right unique or unusual gift ideas in 2009.

1. Review what type of items the person already has.

Just checking out what types of things the person normally gets or chooses to by for themselves can be a helpful gift suggestion. This can also be a great way of figuring out whether the person already has a gift you are thinking about or whether the gift you are considering is too bizarre for his/her interests. Note: although a fancy or extreme gift can be fun to get, if it is too far from their comfort zone, it won't go over well. This is why taking a basic inventory of the person's belongings can go a long way towards deciding what would work as a good gift idea.

2. Make a list of the person's hobbies and interests.

Making a list of what the person does to occupy their free time can be a helpful gift idea suggestion. Hobbies and interests will always be a good gift idea possibility. For example, popular hobbies including hunting, camping, motorcycle riding, archery, following sports teams, and more. Each of these hobbies provides a possibility for a good gift idea if you spend some time thinking about what they might need or want.

3. Don't limit yourself just to products.

Although products are the most common gift given for birthdays and Christmas, they are not the only kind. Often a really good gift idea can be services. These service gifts can range from vacation packages, golf trips, spa treatments, and more. However, the key is to find one that fits the criteria in #1 and #2 and you are more likely to find a winner. Also, don't be afraid to dress up the presentation of this gift. You can often get some wrapping supplies that can make this service gift look more substantial to put under the tree. By using these tips, you should be able to find a solid gift or be able to make a list of some good gifts. However, we understand that some people will want a little more help with a list of specific gift ideas.

Unusual Gift Ideas by: John Marshall